Bringing Back the Usage of Spiral Binding

Spiral binding is also known as plastic coil or color coil binding. This is one of the fastest growing coil binding styles. Documents which are bound with the help of this method lay flat and the pages of the documents can turn almost 360 degree around the coil. Coil binding is known to be of the easiest and fastest methods.

In coil binding, metal coil or durable plastic is inserted and then twisted through the small holes that are punched along the edge of the document’s page and cover. The coil helps in joining the pages and covers an assembly, yet it will allow you to open it freely.

Amongst the soft cover book binding methods that you will come across, spiral binding is considered to be one of the most popular one. This is a perfect binding method. This is mainly because it is not as low as the saddle stitching method. Moreover, it doesn’t even offer a flat and printable spine just as perfect binding. Nonetheless, spiral binding offers different advantages. Take a look at these significant benefits.

You Can Open the Pages Full 360 Degree

A spiral bound book can be folded all the way back upon itself and it will still remain flat. Thus, it will offer easy reference while taking up minimum amount of space on the table or desk. Thus, it is an excellent choice for reports, proposals, sales presentations, cookbooks, maintenance manuals, directories, and instructional books. Travel guides and atlases are known to use coil binding since they are easy to manage while traveling.  Since it can open fully, it prevents crucial information from getting buried under the spine.

spiral bindings

The Pages can be Turned Easily and Stay Put

When you open the book or document, the pages of the spiral binding will rotate around the coil with negligible resistance.  Thus, like the other binding methods, spiral bound pages do not have spinal tension in it.  This will allow the pages of the spiral bound book to stay put. Hence, you will not have to hold it continuously for viewing the contents. Apart from the books, wall calendars are also spiral bound.  Thus, the pages flip very easily. Moreover, the lack of spiral tension will enable them to hang flat against the wall.

It can Accommodate Large Number of Pages

Spiral coils are available in different diameters for accommodating the books of different thickness. The more pages your book have, the larger can be the diameter of the coil. This way it will be able to function in a proper manner. Like mentioned earlier, the coils can be made of plastic or metal.  However, mostly it is made of plastic as there is a wider range of choice with this.  Moreover, the plastic coils will also resist distortion much better than the metal coils. Hence, you need to keep this in mind that if you are planning on sending the books, calendars or some other bound documents through mail.

spiral binding

It will Work with Index Tabs

Since the spiral binding method enables the pages to turn freely and stay put without the need to hold them together. This is the best choice for the bound projects which require tabbed page dividers. Dividers with the printed tabs are just the perfect complement for any reference documents like presentation, report, directory, and training manual.

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