Beyond IKEA: Other Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets That Save Money

Looking to install brand new kitchen cabinets for your kitchen? When you plan to install kitchen cabinets, you can come across various options. You can get custom-built cabinets for any kind of kitchen space. However, custom cabinets can be very expensive. If you have budget constraints, you can go for the pre-made cabinets which are comparatively cheaper. However, another option is available for you. You can settle down for the RTA cabinets Canada. The ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets are perfect for homeowner as they are economical and also available in different styles.

Wide Variety of Cabinet Options

When you are looking for kitchen cabinets, you will get a lot of options. You can easily call a cabinetry professional in order to install the pre-made cabinets. Or, one can also install the cabinets on their own. While the RTA kitchen cabinets is readily available from IKEA. However, many other stores are also coming up to offer RTA kitchen cabinets.

The RTA Store

The store rightly lives up to his name. It is able to provide different variety of Shaker cabinets in both modern and traditional style. The wide selection of RTA cabinets Canada would impress you simply. Customers can chose cabinets from many different styles, widths and heights.rta cabinetsKitchen Cabinet Kings

This company provides RTA cabinets in frame less and framed styles. It offers different choices to customers in regards to size, width and height of the cabinets. Customers can design their own cabinets before placing an order.

Home Depot

Find out some contemporary style RTA cabinets Canada in this store. Customers can pick up the kitchen cabinets from the local stores and avoid shipping charge. However, the lesser variety of styles and sizes, make this store not so popular for customers.

Lily Ann Cabinets

The selection of cabinets offered by this store is amazing. You can get some Shaker style along with some traditional designs. Plus, the traditional designed cabinets can come with paneled doors. The store provides up to 4 free samples of various styles. Also, in case of order more than $ 2499 one can get free shipping.

Sherr’s Cabinet & Doors

Looking for high-quality cabinets?  You can trust this store for it. The products are not as expensive as IKEA but you can save a few extra bucks on your cabinetry. One can use their products and customize it with IKEA cabinets. Trust me, the result would be amazing.


This store offers RTA cabinets Canada by partnering with Euro RTA. They can provide contemporary style cabinets.

Customer Service Hardware

This shop offers a wide selection of kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are mostly made up of wood and not with MDF. The wall cabinets come with a standard base and can be used for storing appliances.

rta cabinets canada

This online retailer can’t provide an extensive range of RTA cabinets Canada. However, the pricing of their products is comparatively low. Unlike other stores, they are able to offer free design service and quotes for that designer cabinet from other retailer.

You can visit these stores when you need some cabinetry solutions for your home. Go through the pros and cons of each store before making any informed decision.

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