What Kinds of Solder Are Used In Jewelry Making?

When you plan to make your own jewelry, you need to know the art of soldering. Soldering is very important process during jewelry making process. This is because soldering helps to join or unite two pieces of metal together. Even if you don’t have any idea about solder as ask any reputed Vaughan jewellery stores on what is a solder you will get a clear idea about it. The point where the metals get fused by the solder is known as joint. Here, one gets to learn many facts that are associated with solder. If you want to know about them in details, you need to go through rest of the blog.

Facts That You Need To Know About Solder

One of the questions that most people come across is the type of solders available. Basically, if one takes a close look into the soldering industry, one gets to learn that there are various types of solders.

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Solders come in three types. They are hard, medium, and soft. All these kinds of solder have different melting temperature. This means that had solder can easily melt at high temperature; whereas medium can melt at lower temperature; and easy can get melted even at very low temperature.


Whether one plans to try their hands of gold or silver making trinkets, all these three kinds of solder are available. Vaughan jewellery stores especially states that gold being expensive and being available in various karats can cost more than silver solder. Moreover, multiple solder joints for a trinket may require various types of solder.

It would be a worst idea if one re-melts a joint that has just been soldered while soldering another joint. For the first joint it is always important to go for a hard solder. Similarly, for a second joint medium solder is needed; whereas for third joints easy solder is required.

Requirement for Solder

While carrying out soldering during ornament making process, one needs to know some basic things. Vaughan jewellery stores states that for hard solders, a torch is always needed in order to melt the metal and the melt point should be above 1100 degree. On the other hand, soft solders can make use of soldering iron and it should have a lower melt point and it should be below 600 degreeSoldering Rings

Now, one needs to know about different form of solder.

Forms of Solder

Vaughan jewellery stores can easily define the forms of solders. For example, sheets of silver and gold solder are available in hard, medium, and easy. the sheets can be trimmed into smaller pieces according to one’s need.

Wires of gold and silver solder are also available in hard, medium, and easy. Wire comes in different gauges and if it’s thicker it can cost more. Also, gold solder is also available in easy form.

Vaughan jewellery stores confirm that it is crucial to cut a solder piece in large length as it can fuse a joint easily. However, it shouldn’t be too large as it can make the joining process hard. Right solder for jewellery should be chosen.

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